• Posted on July 23, 2012

Food network star

I want to thank my family ,friends and all the fans who have supported me through this amazing process. from my first meeting with Bobby to the last episode the journey has been a fantastic experience. I need to give a shout out to all the people who work at the food network. All of what you see does not happen without the support of the producers,camera people ,staff ect…I would also like to thank Bobby for all of his advice ,support and mentoring he gave not only to me but our team throughout the show.. M y cast mates were all amazing and I wish Justin all the success on the food network. so my journey began the day I met Bobby and cooked him eggs Benedict then the hard work began 12 to 14 hour days of challenges ,filming and some fun. Throwing fifteen strangers together is crazy. you creat memories and friendships that will last a lifetime . Some of the most memorable moments for me were  fashion week ,meet the press and filming my pilot this experience has taught me some very good lessons. Family is so important in life food and family go together and I hope you got a glimpse of that through the show . hard work- you can have dreams but they are just that dreams-it is hard work and life experiences that make those dreams a reality.perserverence- never give up when one door closes another one opens. thanks again and I hope to bring my new england to everyone stay tuned…

  • Posted on July 16, 2012
Michele Ragussis Greenlight

Thanks Everyone!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support so far and thanks to everyone who is voting for me right now! Keep the votes coming, you can keep voting until 5pm EST tomorrow! Vote here.

New England has a lot more to offer than just seafood, I’ll be bringing everything New England to you!

Thanks again everyone, it’s been an amazing journey and hope I can continue it with your support!

  • Posted on July 08, 2012
Lobster Bake

lobster bake

So last monday my sister lolly ,nieces and nephew went and had a real lobster bake on a private beach .. There is a lot of work that goes into a lobster bake but well worth it .we were with my good buddy and fish monger Jaime so he told us to go gather the seaweed but to get wet seagrass with the pods on it looked like alien grass) because the pos hold seawater it creates more steam then we chopped wood gathered rocks and made a fire pit after the wood and rocks were hot we dumped about 25 lobsters ,corn ,potatoes and steamers covered it with the seagrass then wet some towels in the ocean and covered the whole thing an hour later it was done sun going down tide coming in and a full moon rising. what a day that’s what life is about adventure and sharing it with the people you love….
  • Posted on July 05, 2012

Getting Crabby

Ok for all of you out there that want to make a Stone crab claw salad .give your self the proper time to pick the shells haha.. They are so amazingly sweet but a lot of work. When I did them on the show I only had an hour to do 200 pieces a job that big should have taken 3 hours haha but I tried my best so it defiantly is a time issue that’s for sue one well worth it.

  • Posted on June 25, 2012

meet the press

Whoa that was a nerve wracking challenge.I mean all those people staring at you and asking questions pretty scary haha but at least I made it another week with a great bunch of people .I think when I am talking to the camera i just have to remember im  talking to my friends that’s the challenging part .Now we are off to Miami sun and fun it will be nice to leave ny for a while and catch some rays not to mention hang out with Paula dean for a while. thank you for all the love and support .. come see me in maine.

  • Posted on June 22, 2012


Maximus is my dog for those of you that don’t know that. He is the most adorable tri colored cocker spaniel. I just love spaniels when I was growing up we had a springer spaniel named poo-bear I know funny name haha. My dad loved hunting for pheasant and bear was a great hunting dog . So when I was on my own. I got my first dog named Cranston also a cocker spaniel god he was the most loyal loveable dog in the world and he lived for 17 years boy it broke my heart when he passed on but I know he is hanging with my dad and bear in heaven. So like most of us when we lose a pet I swore I would never get another dog . Then 3 years later I met maximus and fell in love . I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a sweet little boy who is my best friend and who makes my life complete dogs truly are humans best friend..

  • Posted on June 22, 2012

July 4th bristol Rhode Island

So I don’t know if anyone knows about Bristol,RI and July 4th but it is the first and oldest celebration of Independence day in the country. The town goes from about 23,000 people to 150,000 people and it is a super fun town.Bristol R I is the most patriotic place I have ever been. so much so that the street lines are painted red,white and blue all year-long and the american flags are certainly blowing and on almost everyone’s front lawn.one of the most beautiful towns I have ever had the pleasure of living in and hope to own a home someday..

  • Posted on June 20, 2012

Fore Street Portland Maine

Monday night my nephew ,lolly and myself enjoyed our day off and took off o Portland maine a beautiful coastal city that is killing it in the food scene right now.A friend suggested Fore Street and they did not steer me wrong. We started with a beautiful Barolo for our wine and the very talented chef sent us some goodies starting with wood roasted rabbit livers that tasted like little morsels of heaven haha. then foi gras,duck rilletes,duck pâté,pork sausage,wood roasted quail,gorgeous mussels not as sexy as mine lol. Then on to maine courses I had the pork leg over risotto my nephew had the duck breast Lolly had the halibut and my very good friend Jessica had the flounder all the food was spot on .If you are in the Portland area I highly suggest going to Fore Street and then come to Rockland and visit me.

  • Posted on June 20, 2012

Station Maine

Station Maine is a charity for underprivileged kids in the Rockland area .We had an auction monday night at the pearl and I auctioned myself off for a dinner for six at the house of the winners. I was auctioned off for 1000 dollars and all the proceeds go to station maine definitely feels good to give back to the community..

  • Posted on June 14, 2012
luna moth

Luna Moth

I almost forgot to tell everyone, I saw the most unbelievably beautiful thing yesterday. I was in the dining room talking with a family who had just finished their meal, they were so sweet and telling me how much they enjoyed everything, when I noticed something on the window behind them.  Turns out it was a Luna Moth! I had never seen one before and they are so cool looking! I just wanted to share with everyone.