A couple of weeks ago I went to Savanna Georgia, what a beautiful city . I went to do a cooking demo for the humane society . One of my oldest friends  Guinnevere Friedman runs the humane society and I wanted to help. So I called her after food network star and said maybe now that i have had some exposure my voice for the animals will be bigger so what can I do to help. WE planned to do a food demo with a place called zunzis a sandwich shop that was rated best sandwich in america by travel channel. They were nice enough to let me use their kitchen . the day was awesome instead of seafood I made a greek dish called pastitsio . the day was a great success. What I learned is that Guinn has put a program into place with the local jail . so I went to the jail to see the inmates train the dogs . They take troubled dogs and train them so that they can be adopted this program was amazing . taking troubled dogs and troubled people and letting them live together is a win win situation. the inmates care for the dogs 24 hours a day . and boy did I meet some amazing dogs and people . They were kind enough to show me how they train the dogs and take care of them. I am very proud of my friend for all the hard work and selfless acts she does for these animals so thank you Humane society for letting me be a part of this great experience.