It’s hard to make a menu for a restaurant that seats about 280, that’s a lot of mouths to feed and quite a bit of stress! The first thing I want to do is stay traditional New England. Then, I have to throw in my Greek heritage. Next, I definitely have to put my Italian flair and my love for Portuguese flavors.  Since I work in Rockland Maine with some of the freshest food, I guess we can start there. Let’s start with lobster… at my restaurant, our lobsters stay in the ocean until they are ordered. We have crates under the restaurant that sit in the ocean, that we pull up when we need one for an order.  Now that’s fresh! Now for “what am I gonna do with those lobsters???” Definitely thinking steamed lobster, lobster fritters, lobster marscapone wontons, lobster devilled eggs, lobster mac and cheese and we can go on and on. The fish is AMAZING and my fish monger is the best, and gets the freshest fish. The mushroom foragers and farmers make my fish specials easy and amazing.  Since Im also Italian, of course we will have pasta! Im thinking linguine white clam with little necks from Rhode Island, lobster pasta and yes sometimes even meatballs. Yum! This year for the Greek influence I think I am going to throw a Greek shrimp saganaki with tomatoes, ouzo and feta. And lets not forget the Portuguese little necks with kale and chorizo. We do have a crispy chicken skin and beet salad currently on the menu, and this year Im going to do a play on a tuna nicoise, the best New England clam chowder, and amazing oysters from all over Maine. Of course we will have just about anything you want raw, and what I’ve been told are “the best fried clams next to Ipswich!!” This year, I think I want to add an Ox tail and lobster ragu, and a fiddle head ravioli. We do have some delicious meat on the menu already, NY strip and filet with a chive bone marrow butter. This year, I will be throwing in some lamb, duck and maybe some offal. If any of this sounds good to you then I hope you will make a trip to a very beautiful place to have amazing food.