Some fans have been writing to me and wondering why I love New England so much. I was born in Derby, CT.  Derby is just like any other small New England town, and a great place to grow up.  When I was younger I didn’t really appreciate it as much.  I began to realize how much I loved New England when I left for a while, and moved back to New England (this time Rhode Island) to attend Johnson and Whales culinary school and I stumbled on this little town called Bristol, RI . Bristol stole my heart. I felt at home  there like I had never before. Something about the smell of the ocean, the people were warm, friendly and hardworking and they all loved where they lived and took pride in all the local food.  Not just seafood, they have amazing farms, produce, cheese-makers, bakers etc.  Before my Dad passed away he said “Michele, never leave this place.” I asked him “why dad” and he said, “I have never heard you so happy, as you are when you’re in Bristol.” He was right. I moved around for a bit and really wanted to take my career to the next level in the food world and make it on the food network. I moved to Brooklyn, which I love, so I can be where the action is. Six years later I have accomplished some great things and this is only the beginning. I have been all over New England and I always feel at home and that I am where I belong.  New England has so many things to offer. There is so much history, and of course some of the best food I have ever had. It’s like wherever you go you are going to find incredible beauty and amazing food and stories.  I hope all of you keep following me on my journey to bring New England, and the joy it brings me, to all of you.